Brisbane Property Maintenance


Looking for Brisbane Property Maintenance services?  You’ve come to the right place!  Welcome to Aqua Facilities Maintenance, your partner for commercial property maintenance services in Brisbane, Queensland. At AquaFM, we understand the value of keeping your property in top-notch condition, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive range of services designed to maintain and enhance your commercial space.

Our expertise covers a wide array of maintenance tasks, ensuring your property remains safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. From gutter repairs that protect your building from water damage to patch and paint services that give your interiors a fresh and inviting look, we’ve got you covered. Our fence and gate repair services ensure the security and integrity of your property’s perimeter, while our door, window, and lock repairs guarantee the safety and comfort of those inside.

But that’s not all—we also specialise in painting services to refresh your property’s appearance, along with awning installations to enhance its appeal and functionality. Whether you’re dealing with minor wear and tear or require more extensive repairs, AquaFM is here to provide prompt, reliable, and high-quality service.

Trust us to take care of your commercial property with the attention to detail and professionalism it deserves. Let AquaFM be your go-to solution for all your property maintenance needs in Brisbane, QLD.

Our Comprehensive Brisbane Property Maintenance Services

We ensure your property remains in top-notch condition, addressing all maintenance needs promptly and efficiently

Building Washes & Facade Cleaning: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property with our specialised building washes and facade cleaning services, ensuring a spotless appearance.

Carpark Solutions: We provide installation and maintenance of bollards, ensuring traffic guidance and pedestrian protection. We repair concrete curbs, enhance their durability, and improve aesthetics, making your carpark not only safer but also more visually appealing. Our services extend to the installation and repair of high-quality speed bumps, crucial for vehicle speed control. Choose from our range of rubber and concrete wheel stops, with rubber options offering cost-effectiveness and reduced cracking risk. Our tactile installations comply with local standards, boosting pedestrian safety, while our hazard line marking touch-ups are both durable and visually striking. We also provide carpark signage services, imitation security camera’s and security lighting to keep your area well-signed, well lit and fully operational. Partner with Aqua Facilities Maintenance for a transformation that ensures your carpark is efficient and safe. Reach out today for a personalised consultation and a no-obligation quote, and let us tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Facilities Maintenance: We offer extensive facilities maintenance services, ensuring all aspects of your property are functioning optimally.

Graffiti Removal: Our swift graffiti removal services restore your property’s appearance, maintaining its value and appeal.

Handyman Services Brisbane: Our skilled handymen tackle a variety of tasks, ensuring your property’s upkeep is hassle-free.

Painting & Plastering: From touch-ups to complete overhauls, our painting and plastering services breathe new life into your property.

Hot Water Pressure Washing: Utilise our hot water pressure cleaning for deep cleaning that rejuvenates surfaces and structures.

Landscaping ServicesOur range of services, including expertly crafted retaining walls, garden maintenance, comprehensive earthworks, inviting pathways, efficient irrigation systems, lush lawn care, elegant pergolas and custom seating, is designed to cater to your every outdoor need. Specialising in both commercial and residential projects, we are committed to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that each space we touch turns into a vibrant, functional area. We take pride in our ability to adapt our services to the unique Brisbane climate and environment, ensuring longevity and sustainability in every project. From the initial design to the final touch, expect a seamless, enjoyable experience and a result that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Fencing: Enhance and secure your property with Aqua Facilities Maintenance’s durable and aesthetically appealing fencing options. Specialising in Colorbond, timber, and other high-quality materials, we offer customised solutions that provide robust security and complement your space. In addition to our premium Colorbond fencing options, we offer a versatile range of fencing materials to suit any requirement or aesthetic preference. Our selection includes Timber Fencing which is a classic choice that offers natural beauty and versatility, perfect for any home or business setting. Chainwire Fencing which is ideal for commercial, industrial, or security applications, providing durable and cost-effective perimeter solutions.  Security Fencing options include crimped top steel fencing and are designed to provide maximum protection and peace of mind.  Hercules Security Fencing is specifically tailored for schools, commercial properties, or domestic use, offering robust security with a touch of elegance.  No matter the type of fencing you require, our team at Aqua Facilities Maintenance is dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Gates: At Aqua Facilities Maintenance, we excel in providing top-tier gate installation and repair services across Brisbane and Moreton Bay. Our expertise spans a diverse range of materials from robust Colorbond to classic timber, ensuring we cater to every style and security need. Whether you’re seeking a new gate installation or require repairs on an existing one, we deliver results. We understand that a gate is more than just an entry point; it’s a crucial component of your property’s security and aesthetic appeal. That’s why we’re committed to using quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure your gate is not only functional but also enhances the overall look of your property. 

Site Maintenance and Monitoring: We provide comprehensive site maintenance and monitoring to ensure your property remains safe and well-maintained.

Retaining Walls: Our retaining wall solutions offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing your property’s landscape.

For unmatched property maintenance services in Brisbane and the Brisbane Northern Suburbs, choose Aqua Facilities Maintenance.